Effortless Data Science
The world's easiest to use toolkit for data science workflows and cluster orchestration. Cowait is open source and runs fully on Kubernetes.
For production workflows
Cowait can run tasks and comes preconfigured with cluster orchestration for Spark & Dask
Explore the different task types above
from cowait.tasks import Task 
class Hello(Task):
	async def run(self):
		print("Hello world!")
# Run locally on Docker 
$ cowait run hello

# Run on Kubernetes 
$ cowait run hello --provider kubernetes

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For exploration
Start Jupyter Lab and an auto-scalable Spark or Dask cluster on Kubernetes.
$ cowait run jupyter-dask --provider kubernetes

Your notebook is ready at:

Simplicity first

The worlds easiest to use orchestration toolkit. Get started in 5 minutes.

Cluster orchestration

Scale Spark and Dask workflows - choose CPU, GPU, RAM for your work nodes.

Runs in every cloud

Cowait makes no assumptions of your storage or other infrastructure.
Made for you
Full control
Your dependencies are packed into Docker images. Images are stored in your Docker registry, which also runs in your cluster.
Best Practices
Cowait follows sound engineering best practices. Manage, test and version control your code.
Sensible defaults. Fully configurable jobs, hardware & environment through industry standard yml.

Visualize Everything

Track job progress, logs and outputs in the Cowait UI, which runs alongside your other containers, directly in your cluster.
Freedom & Simplicity
Choose your abstraction level
Cowait Core
Open Source
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Cowait UI
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Visualizes your jobs, logs and outputs. A natural step to get organized.
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Cowait Cloud
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Scales with you. Stop worrying about hardware.
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Data science necessities,
Get started faster. Stop worrying about cluster orchestration. Make your team more productive. Try Cowait today.
Data science is hard as it is
Don’t let infrastructure get in your way.
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