Cowait Agent

The Cowait Agent is capable of picking up information that happen within Cowait in real time. It hosts a UI that allows you to view and interact with your tasks.

The Agent is actually a Task in itself(!), and runs in a docker container.

You can start it with a simple CLI command:

cowait agent

You should now be able to visit the Cowait UI at http://localhost:1339

Looking at tasks and logs in the Dashboard

If you followed along the previous steps, you should have a project structure like this:

  ├── sleep.py
  ├── hello.py
  └── parallel.py

If you run your hello task again after the Cowait agent successfully started, it should show up in the UI:

cowait run hello

Dashboard 1

The Cowait Agent Dashboard gives you an overview of the tasks you run and their statuses. It also shows you metadata and logs:

Dashboard 2


Try running your parallel task and explore the task hierarchy in the UI!

cowait run parallel

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